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1/1/22 via 

Happy New Year! 

Only one week from now, the RMR will begin its 2022 season. Many of you have written to ask questions about the season and how we will manage several very important issues. Of course, many issues, especially regarding COVID, are continually changing.  Please keep an eye on this page, as we seek to answer your questions as best we can!


1) How will the RMR manage COVID restrictions? Answer: At this time, individual counties are responsible for setting COVID restrictions (read: mask mandates and occupancy limits). In an attempt to keep the RMR experience consistent across our wide footprint, we envision maintaining the "strictest requirement" across all of our event sites on a given weekend. For now, that means that all sites will play under a mask requirement, but spectators ARE allowed. This will be subject to weekly review as COVID and governmental restrictions change, of course.

We do ask that you respect any additional requirements that our various hosts feel are necessary to impose at their venue. Be careful, be polite, and remember that our primary goal is to keep our athletes on-court, SAFELY!

2)  I see that team rankings have been posted. How were those calculated? Answer: In the PIL all teams are hand-ranked by the Girls Junior Committee. In the Power Series, our SOS computer program looks at each team, and asks how well the teams that your incoming players played for last year did. The strength of your new players is divided by the number of players on your new team to generate a "cumulative player strength ranking" (CPSR) for the team. As your team plays through the season, their MATCH records (last year it was set records) will drive the team ranking up or down. But don't forget that the strength of ALL of your opponents, and how THEY perform through the entire season, will continue to effect your ranking as well. 

3) My team is ranked in a big tie at the bottom of our age-group, but we have some solid players. How can that happen? Answer: Some teams have players that are "unknown" to our system. They may have come in from other regions, or may be new to club volleyball even thought they have performed well in CHSSA.  Also, teams who have not created abandon validated their rosters at RMR may have been assigned to "shared-last" rank. Note however, that under our ever-improving SOS program, teams that win can "climb the ladder" quite quickly!

4) How can I check my teams' progress each week? Answer: Each Sunday evening we post that day's results at TM2sign/results. Monday morning, we "run" SOS based on those results, and update the overall Team Rankings

5) We'd like to plan our team travel. When will we know where our team will play? Answer: Each Monday evening, following publication of updated team rankings, we assign and publish pools and sites for the Power coming up that Sunday. 

5b) Isn't that really late? We like to plan ahead, and need to make hotel reservations! Answer: We understand that "6-day notice" isn't ideal from the family perspective. Please understand that we are balancing several factors here. For example, team registration only closes 9 days before a given competition. That's good for teams and participation! Also remember that SOS can only be updated after Sunday competition, because the teams there (even though they aren't in your odd/even group) DO affect YOUR team ranking as they win and lose. Everyone is interconnected under the Stength-of-Schedule system (SOS).

6) My family enjoys watching our daughter play RMR volleyball, on BallerTV. How do I sign up this year, and do we enjoy a discount? Answer: Please see the posted information and sign-up-links on our BallerTV page! (and don't forget your 20%-off coupon code "RMR22")


"Never back down, never fear anyone, for the best opponents will help you to play your best."     --John Kessel, USA Volleyball



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