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2021 VVC Beach Team

2021 VVC Beach Team

Vail Volleyball Club will again be running a Beach program this summer.  The best way to improve your overall game is to play doubles on the sand.  Don’t believe us, here is what the greatest men’s and women’s beach volleyball players say about playing on the beach and how it affected their indoor game.

“The beach game taught me great lessons about how to elevate the play of my teammate, or teammates, and how to anticipate and expect the ball so much more than the indoor game ever could. It taught me - even forced me - to be a much better all-around player. That allowed me to help our USA Olympic Team in many more ways than I ever could have otherwise.”  Karch Kiraly USA Women’s National Team Head Coach, 3 time gold medalist (2-indoor / 1-beach), and Winningest player in Beach Volleyball history.

Program Overview: Our focus this year will be on the training aspect of the beach game. Beach is designed to let the athletes manage the matches themselves with little coaching allowed at tournaments. Therefore, all players will be responsible for registering for the tournaments on their own and VVC will not send coaches to all tournaments. We will provide coaches for the a few select events at the beginning of the season to help those new to beach tournaments. These changes will allow us to lower the cost of the program and provide the same level of training as in years past.  The season will be from May 23rd through August 4th. All members of the VVC Beach Team must be registered with RMR Volleyball.  Your indoor registration from the 2020/2021 indoor season is good for the summer as well.  Non-VVC members are welcome and can select a summer only membership with RMR.

Coaches:  We will have a cadre of beach coaches’ form our current group of VVC coaches. We will have a minimum of 2 coaches at each practice and a coach will be present at each tournament. However, coaching in the beach is different. Coaches cannot speak to the players during tournament play except for before and after games, and during side switches. 

Practice:  Practices will start on May 23rd with a Beach Jamboree. Weather permitting; we will have a full day of beach play to kick off the season. Starting May 25th normal practice will be on Tuesday and Thursday until school is out will be in the evening 5-7pm at Ford Park. June 7th, practices will move to the morning.  All practices will be at Vail Ford Park sand courts with times to be released upon registration completion. We will use HPS as back up if weather is bad. 

Tournaments:  It will be the responsibility of the athletes to register on their own.  You do not have to play tournaments to be a part of the Beach Team. We will provide each player an opportunity to develop with a partner during the duration of the summer program should you wish to compete. These pairs will be prioritized during practices to create the best team rapport. This is not required, however. Should you want to play with a different partner each tournament, that is completely up to you. 

Tournament Dates: Dates will be posted soon on the RMR website

 More events are added throughout the summer and we will update the list as we find more events to choose from.  You can also go to for an updated list of events in Colorado. We are waiting for the RMR beach dates to be released but, we will provide a full list of options once they are available.  AAU events will require an additional membership with AAU. We will provide all instructions on how to register for each event.  We are also working on hosting our own events during the summer.  More to come on this once we get the details finalized. 

Cost:  $250 for the season.  Fees include: coaching costs, court rental fees, equipment, and VVC Beach team uniform. Tournament registration is not included in the cost of the program. 

Registration Details: REGISTER HERE- 

Ages:  VVC Beach Team is open to all incoming 6th  grade and up athletes. Tournament Divisions are U12, U14, U16, and U18. You will play to the age of the oldest player of your partnership. 

Questions? Email or call 970-471-1795

"Never back down, never fear anyone, for the best opponents will help you to play your best."     --John Kessel, USA Volleyball



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